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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Lee is quickly building up a robust HoLEP and stone practice at OSU. Here are some patient testimonials (names changed for patient privacy) of those who have undergone HoLEP.

"I was unable to urinate at all and had to undergo monthly catheter exchanges... After HoLEP with Dr. Lee I am now peeing better than I have in decades"

-Adam, 70 year old man

"I can't wait for winter so I can try writing my name in the snow!"

-Edward, 65 year old man

"After my HoLEP I had my first long, easy pee that I've had in years"

- Tom, 80 year old man

"Before HoLEP I could hardly pee, now it's like the Niagara Falls!"

- Bruce, 62 year old man

"Dr. Lee, thank you for taking such wonderful care of my husband"

- A grateful spouse, whose husband had HoLEP with Dr. Lee

Happy elderly man
Smiling Older man
Two older men smiling and conversing
Elderly Couple Running Together
A happy older man
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